Vishal Sharma

Gold Star - 5,400 Points [Vishal Sharma] (India)

Vishal Sharma Poems

441. My Love Is Organic 10/31/2015
442. Torque 11/1/2015
443. Dawn 11/15/2015
444. Worthy Of.. 10/28/2015
445. Mirrors 11/9/2015
446. Ugly Waters 4/20/2014
447. Self Respect 9/13/2013
448. Crocodile 5/29/2013
449. Dazzle 2 6/10/2013
450. Suicide 4/28/2014
451. Memory I Just Pray It Be Enough 2/18/2014
452. Bedsheet Of Your Ugly Deeds 5/19/2014
453. You And I Could Be Together 5/11/2014
454. My Love Notes 10/3/2015
455. I Sat Down My Window 11/15/2015
456. The Fate Theory 11/2/2015
457. The Envelope 10/28/2015
458. Stopwatch 8/18/2013
459. Co-Ordinate Geometry 7/3/2013
460. Where Is My Leaf? 6/16/2013
461. Will You Marry Me? 6/11/2013
462. I Am 17 6/13/2013
463. Radius Of My Heart 7/31/2013
464. Solitary Lover 7/14/2013
465. A Dark Window 7/12/2013
466. I And My Talent 6/25/2013
467. Gardener Of Poems 6/4/2013
468. River That Joins Our Hearts 6/9/2013
469. Don'T Put Ice On My Heart 6/13/2013
470. I Have A Bird Inside My Belly 6/14/2013
471. Poems Keep My Soul Fresh 6/14/2013
472. On Your Radio, My Heart Is Broadcast 6/18/2013
473. Skull-Less 6/18/2013
474. Cut Down Skirt 5/14/2013
475. Silent Pain 3/28/2013
476. Irish Loves Beggars 5/23/2013
477. A Glimmer/Ray Of Hope 10/17/2013
478. The Cursed Hands 10/7/2013
479. Compitition 8/2/2013
480. A Basket Of Tears 8/22/2013

Comments about Vishal Sharma

  • Pradip Chattopadhyay (6/11/2013 5:42:00 AM)

    An amazing poet at a tender age. I love his daring poems, the spontaneity of his words.

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  • ~ Jenie~ (6/2/2013 9:40:00 AM)

    o my vishal
    you are so talented
    i am moved by your poems
    i certainly love all of them
    my god
    you are so raunchy

Best Poem of Vishal Sharma

Chemical Bonding

Do you know the electrovalent and covalent bond?
they are a far different from the fictious james bond
they play a major role in providing the existance to the molecules
and simpily follow the basic rule of drawing the structures
they are deeply drawn into my soul of learning chemistry
the lewis structure and the octet rule are simple to follow
they give us the insight to peep through the world of chemicals
and we simpily denote them with clear cut diagrams
afterwards, there comes hybridisation and dipole moment
so beautifully written to grasp all the contents

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Not a day passes by, not thinking about you,
believing in my love, which I know is true.
Waiting for you, to come back,
with a lot of hopes, but no regrets, which I lack.
I sit down crying, hurting myself,
praying that you will realize, my love, by yourself.
What did I do wrong, that you left me?
Isn't there anything pure that you see in me?
What happened, when you hugged or kissed me?

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