Vishal Wadhwa

Freshman - 514 Points [vw] (18-01-91 / India)

Biography of Vishal Wadhwa

A wandering soul trying to find the meaning and purpose of living in this world. Curious about the magic hidden in words, the power of the pen. Searching for happiness in dark to find a single ray of hope, of joy. I am a thinker, I am a wanderer. I am a open book to those who have tried to know me beyond the cover. Don't try to know me, judge me by my words. Updates

The Droplet's Destiny

Life is like a river, finding its way
It never stops till every drop finds her bay.
Amazed I am at the droplet’s curiosity,
It never knew its destiny, still moved with furiosity.
Crossing good and bad she kept on moving
Never cared, just kept on believing.
Her belief in destiny took her so far,
She forgot to relish the sweetness of flowers.
On her way down, her mind full of dreams

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