Vishnu Pandit

Rookie (07/07/1984 / Nanital, India)

Biography of Vishnu Pandit

Son of a Farmer/lawyer, life was as grand as the paddy fields and high as the eucalyptus trees that lined the dusty road in to my house. Now as a marine engineer, it's all by the sea, for the sea and of the sea. A lot got left behind as I made inroads into my profession little by little before I realised of what was gained at the cost of what I lost. I stand confused at the crossroads of my life as to where to take it to for certainly the depths of the ocean have serenly accepted this sunken ship as a part of its own treasure. Updates

It's Good To Meet Me

All along I walked, this lonely boulevard;
Shadowed by my past.
Some, came close to hold my hand; some left me
With a broken heart.

Some, were nice enough to greet me and some,
Were difficult to bid adieu.
Holding pieces of me I walked, fell & stood up again;
To stride on, I learnt; I knew.

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