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Rookie (22-05-1992 / chennai)

Vishz Embassy Poems

1. Fleeing Alone, Feeling Blown! 12/24/2011
2. The Giggling And Sparkling Teeth - Babie That Was So Agile.. 12/24/2011
3. Mist 12/24/2011
4. Eruptions 12/24/2011
5. Blue Glue... 12/24/2011
6. A Couple They Are... 12/24/2011
7. My First Love 12/24/2011
8. Newly Born 12/24/2011
9. Fight No War 12/24/2011
10. My Dearmost 12/24/2011
11. Hallow Groom 12/24/2011
12. Days Of Sorrow 12/24/2011
13. What Is She….! 12/24/2011
14. Overhead! 1/17/2012
15. Love Love Love! 1/20/2012
16. Reasons! 1/20/2012
17. You Are Still My Life 1/20/2012
18. Rings! Rings! Rings! 1/20/2012
19. The Electromagnetosphere! 1/25/2012
20. Imitations 3/10/2012
21. Her Throne 3/10/2012
22. A Promise! 4/11/2012
23. Against The Wind 6/10/2012
Best Poem of Vishz Embassy

The Giggling And Sparkling Teeth - Babie That Was So Agile..

i don't know if you care
i don't know if u ever would
of what I said; Yet, it hurts, to see you so..
without.. that very smile..!

the smile that drove me in
the smile that swirled me thin
was that a sin?
please don't shrove a fin

engrained within your mischief
my paradox seeks a motto
a clamp honoured by your flap,
i never slept with her!

those were lines from miles
within your heart;
these are spines they made
deeper into mine.

I am sorry I swayed you
yet, it was just your word
i waited for a sign,
and here I...

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Blue Glue...

Sweetie, there’s something I need to tell you…
Something nailed deep within me;
something that un-puzzles these riddle you put me in.
I let through a thunder, as rare as the blue loos glue.
Yet, every time the clouds of my feelings tears off to chunks..
Chunks they are of mid-mist-must… mist.... mid.....must.....
A DITCH… A wrong spell…
We’re not with each other… for now!
But babie… It’s your touch; your smell; your warmth,

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