Vision Ghost

Epsom, East Surrey
Vision Ghost
Epsom, East Surrey


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I, Crashed
So much said, when nothing makes sense
Worthless excursions, so faded by penitence
Laying alone here, upon a cold stone place
Tears filling lines, of my now broken face
Setting Angels On Fire
All so very consumed, by what comes so easily
Superlative, yet we walk by always apathetically
A useless frontier scarred, but remaining sacred
As though this is what we have left, that’s dead
A Final Step
Stood upon this cliff, to be set free
As this flow of my tears, trace me
Down my face, and across my lips
That once tasted you, in blood sips
Gravity Of Passion
This monolithic, aspiration that grips them in a contrast
Such unraveling of the heart binding ties, that never last
Pouring out desperation for this, their fury never vented
There’s nowhere to run from, the arms of the unrelenting
Never vented, amongst the unrelenting intoxications
Of the shattered face, of such timeless complications
Carrying my pounding head, if not my stuttered heart
Before a little always, becomes much to play its part
So Many Clowns
Caught so within, the grey haze of the daily humour
So many circles spun, within another’s demeanour
Undress your face paints, to reveal the solemn truth
Like an imperfection found, from every photo booth
Where The Lonely Sleep
The dark so surrounds, in congregating shadows
Unphysical in the presence, of emotional throes
Whispering to himself, as for a crowd isn’t there
For companionship is sought, by the thinnest air
Another Way Through
So much undone, in accordance to the analytical
Of such discoveries, upon horizons unreachable
That we may bear the key, for that of an infinite
A universe unmapped, and languages’ anonymity
These Scars On My Hands
Upon these bloodied knees, where the raw scabs peel
This unconventional tormenting, in directionless seal
Standing upon what is left, of my world’s appreciation
Seeking these shadows, of those who found selection
Follow My Tears
Onto this side of a new degree, of existence in death
Now remembered when you kissed, my dying breath
Awaiting here in the darkness, as I wonder my halls
So far for my spirit to travel, from this, to angels calls

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