Vision Ghost

Rookie - 5 Points (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Vision Ghost Poems

41. I Am Lonely Too 9/22/2006
42. Death Charge To The Cannons 9/23/2006
43. Subjected 9/23/2006
44. One Damn Good Friend 9/24/2006
45. When The Quiet Comes 9/24/2006
46. A Motion In Suicide 9/24/2006
47. Habitual Hostilities 9/25/2006
48. Spiritus De Sante 9/25/2006
49. Freeze 9/26/2006
50. Surviving Idiots 8/9/2006
51. Reflections Of This 8/10/2006
52. Lillith 7/26/2006
53. In Her Passing 7/26/2006
54. From The Corner Of My Eye 7/26/2006
55. Detonated 7/26/2006
56. Drifter 7/26/2006
57. Ask Yourself 7/26/2006
58. An Angels Crossing 7/26/2006
59. When The Darkness Speaks 9/30/2006
60. On The Other Side Waiting 10/1/2006
61. Indescribable Nature 10/1/2006
62. Silent Street 10/1/2006
63. Lust Of The Lyncanthrope 10/2/2006
64. So Pointless With So Worthless Without 10/3/2006
65. Beneath The Guise Of Idiosyncrasies 10/4/2006
66. Walkabout Town 8/4/2006
67. Spellbound And Awoken 8/7/2006
68. Her Ghost In The Graveyard 8/7/2006
69. Gone 10/6/2006
70. Why 10/6/2006
71. Full Moon Anxiety And The Lycanthrope Fury 10/7/2006
72. The Station 10/8/2006
73. Masquerade 10/10/2006
74. My Walk Home 10/11/2006
75. Or The World My Stage 10/12/2006
76. Unloving Caress 10/12/2006
77. Dark Streets Hard Men 10/13/2006
78. Skin Deep 10/14/2006
79. Soldier 10/16/2006
80. Social Ambiguity 8/10/2006

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Best Poem of Vision Ghost

A Gothic Suicide

Felt all that was within, the dread and lonely pain
Fore seeing all the grey clouds, and endless rain
In an entrapment of her bleak, bedroom place
Many scratches of finger nails, adorned her face

Scars of the tormented, and that without release
Collected them like dolls, upon skin like a crease
Sunken eyes reflecting, the soul of a sunken heart
When futures hope seem diminished, and torn apart

Black lines of her heavy make up, drawn down
By so many tears, shed beneath her failed crown
Clasping her wrist, another attempt failed and stings
The music of ...

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An Obligatory Autumn

Crushed leaves tempered, under my step, on the road of mystery
Drying vain of autumns passing, bring fall to textures beneath me
Candles align the corridor, of the indecisive, a chamber of fates mind
Options played, before me and the second hand dealt, in favoured kind

Grasp the tree and shake, for the forage of the fruitful, indulgence
A memory, of a the summer just gone, and the winds sit in silence
Cloaked and alone, whilst pondering on the reminiscent periods
Of the moments in time

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