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You Will Never Understand

I always seem to be, the enemy of your heart
No matter what I say, I seem to tear you apart
Forever on the wrong side, of this infinite fence
If spoke from heart, would you still take offence?
So angry at me, you don’t see this hurts me too
Even in lies, to hide the agony, you see what’s true

Jump over, to find myself on the same side again
Can’t seem to figure this out, and stop all the pain
My tears are forever falling, but hidden in the rain
Storm that rages above me, is your fury and distain
What I seem to feel, it’s not enough for us to gain

I can...

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A God Like Me

Turning this way or that, down a grey street, void of people
Shaking this out of myself, a rumbling for the ranting steeple
That is the height of my apostle, a solitary preceptor of this
Seems like fate is always, and is forever, taking the unlimited piss

As there is so much for me to give, so much for them to take
An acronym of my steps seem, to be echoing my motions, to stake
A sweetness found in the bitter fruit that is, illegal and prohibited
Beating this down and screaming the defi