Vision Ghost Poems

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A Simple Mistake

Perhaps sometimes reminders of being a human render
When the soul bleeds forgetting a heart needs to beat
To pursue these passions faster than I can be a contender
But I would rather be broken than to admit the defeat

One Thousand Angels

Swept away the words of your evisceration
And sought a new sense of comprehension
If the shores of hell left me so unconscious
Awaken to the red of my eyes’ autonomous


A coursing surge for which cannot be easily anointed in description
Fires annealed in the carnage of flames within veins for manipulation
I feel a god flow in spiritualism to the hands of such unbridled creation
As tears fall in gravity to an enslavement of Earth’s physical duration

Four Letter Word (You Escaped Me)

A four letter word that forever escapes me
Are you out there running?
So far, far, far away
Never to embrace me

A Graveyard Of Regrets

This story told a thousand times in many such ways
Doesn’t mean languages change in so many days
That tenderness as elusive as the answers we seek
When forgetting the question that of the meek

Contending To The Contented

Seems another foot hold has fallen
Gravity of your words are broken
Like the feelings in my soul again
Getting so used to feeling the pain

Bio-Sapient Of The Mecca Droid

Forlorn that of life likens the chronological and eventual embolism of time
Accordance to the modulated values for elementary suggestions of your prime
Yielded only from that of destination forming the impulse of emotional and logical legalism
Embalmed in fire concurrent to the pride for the instruments of warfare’s symbolism

A Simple Perspective

I am nearly 30, I remember mobiles that couldn't send texts, email had never been heard of, CD ROM hadn't been invented yet, my first computer couldn't log on to the internet because it didn't exist then and TV had only 4 channels, the only way to stay in touch was by a hand written letter and yeah I really miss that.


I feel no cradle for the jesus that supposedly blessed me,
as Mary died in the hopelessness of faith.
An exhausted heart, tender and already so burdened,
long before the years of the adult have been sowed.

Deemed Impassable

Encompass self neutron for existential flight as a particle in weightless confirmation
That the travelling throughout and within stars escapes embodiment’s pursuant acceleration
From totality of acceptance for the infinitive exploration of a theorised unknown
Never the terminal end; only as the limitation of the soul far reaching of one’s own