Vision Ghost

Rookie - 5 Points (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Vision Ghost Poems

201. Stopped Crying 2/6/2008
202. The Finality Of Never 2/12/2008
203. The Moment Of Tears 2/14/2008
204. The Factory Of Ghosts 2/21/2008
205. A Soul Still Weeps 2/23/2008
206. Little Drops Of Murder 2/24/2008
207. Red Line Angel 2/26/2008
208. Nevaeh 2/27/2008
209. And Maybe... 2/28/2008
210. Surrounded By Demons (Let Me Out) 2/29/2008
211. Veil Of Tears 3/26/2008
212. Twilights Kiss 3/26/2008
213. Ethereal Enigma Of Adrenalines Vortex 3/28/2008
214. Newborn Nations From The Oldest Of Dreams 3/30/2008
215. Rain 3/31/2008
216. The Biology Of A Personal Equinox 3/31/2008
217. Apparitional Trans-Morphed Configuration 4/1/2008
218. How Did I Get Here With Blood On My Shirt 4/2/2008
219. An Unspoken Anthlogy Of Touching Space 4/2/2008
220. Reality Of Eventuality Of A County Not Far Away 4/3/2008
221. Socratic Constellation Of Emptiness 4/3/2008
222. Galileo's Scope And Magellan's Compass 4/6/2008
223. Goth 4/7/2008
224. Kindred, Blood, Spirit Pt 2 (5 Years Later) 4/8/2008
225. Mountain Breathe And Eagle Sing 4/10/2008
226. I Wish I Could (Be That Child Again) 3/1/2008
227. Faces In The Dark 3/3/2008
228. Rush 3/5/2008
229. Loneleist Planet 3/9/2008
230. Let The Soul Exhale 3/10/2008
231. Red Building Of Brick 3/11/2008
232. Dark Streets 3/12/2008
233. Haven'T Cried Tears Enough 3/15/2008
234. An Angel In Chains 3/15/2008
235. The Hospital 3/16/2008
236. Wrong Blade 3/18/2008
237. Let My Body Float On By 3/20/2008
238. Bleeding And Heroin 3/24/2008
239. Just Turn Away (Don'T Hear Me Cry) 3/24/2008
240. Dirt 7/28/2007

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Best Poem of Vision Ghost

Hell On Earth

Awoke under a black sky, a taste of smoke in my mouth
Bodies rotting, fires burned from the north to the south
The survived upon impalements, still writhing in agony
Demons and monsters, tearing flesh from their anatomy

Chaos reigns around me, am I the last to be alive here?
After Hell tore the dimensions, and they spread their fear
Acrid smell of death, the putrescence of decaying souls
A chard body beside me, the once eyes now black holes

Thunder echoes above, skies now blood red and black
Cries of the tortured, crying out for armies to turn back
For ...

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Thoughts On Thoughts

Being alone in the darkness, when it all makes sense
Free to engage the utilities, from radicals to pretence
Dawning of a realisation, conjured to the understanding
A vocal monologue, or soliloquy, reveals tendering

Flagrant knowledge to become, the minds dynasty
Gravity of this paradox keeps me close to complexity
So much to fulfil my thoughts, senses now divulged
Aggression, to the passiveness of hearts counselled