Vision Ghost

Rookie - 5 Points (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Vision Ghost Poems

281. The Acquisition Of The One 12/5/2008
282. Anti Worship 12/11/2008
283. The Church Of My Soul 12/29/2008
284. Darker Threshold 1/3/2009
285. Transmission 1/3/2009
286. Let It Go 1/7/2009
287. Flies 1/9/2009
288. Unfathomed And Erased 1/10/2009
289. Poet Without Words 1/27/2009
290. The Speaking 1/31/2009
291. Last Promise 2/3/2009
292. The Stranger 2/11/2009
293. Unborn Contortion 2/13/2009
294. I Said Don’t Tell Me 2/19/2009
295. Finalities Exhalation 3/1/2009
296. The Graveyard Of Memories 3/1/2009
297. Tears Of The Celestial Bleeding 3/3/2009
298. Prayer For The Hatred 3/5/2009
299. Fields Of Fire 3/7/2009
300. The Change 3/19/2009
301. Tsunami Comes 3/20/2009
302. Through Me 4/8/2009
303. Acsending Angels 4/16/2009
304. Lost In Bleeding Angels 4/20/2009
305. Cityscape 5/8/2009
306. When The Corn Sheds Tears 5/24/2009
307. Though It Is This 5/29/2009
308. The Arisen Knowledge Of The Angelus 6/15/2009
309. Psychopath 2 - Deliverance 6/23/2009
310. Loving Your Poisons 7/4/2009
311. Unfathomed 7/19/2009
312. Broken Friendship 7/24/2009
313. Of Immortal Tears 8/23/2009
314. Breathing Free 8/23/2009
315. Singular Freedom Key Yonder Self Incarceration 8/29/2009
316. Mummy, Daddy, Where Are You? 7/21/2008
317. Stone Face 7/26/2008
318. Flash Parallel 8/12/2008
319. No Tears When I Need Them 8/19/2008
320. Rider (Gasoline Scream) 7/16/2008

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A Gothic Suicide

Felt all that was within, the dread and lonely pain
Fore seeing all the grey clouds, and endless rain
In an entrapment of her bleak, bedroom place
Many scratches of finger nails, adorned her face

Scars of the tormented, and that without release
Collected them like dolls, upon skin like a crease
Sunken eyes reflecting, the soul of a sunken heart
When futures hope seem diminished, and torn apart

Black lines of her heavy make up, drawn down
By so many tears, shed beneath her failed crown
Clasping her wrist, another attempt failed and stings
The music of ...

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A God Like Me

Turning this way or that, down a grey street, void of people
Shaking this out of myself, a rumbling for the ranting steeple
That is the height of my apostle, a solitary preceptor of this
Seems like fate is always, and is forever, taking the unlimited piss

As there is so much for me to give, so much for them to take
An acronym of my steps seem, to be echoing my motions, to stake
A sweetness found in the bitter fruit that is, illegal and prohibited
Beating this down and screaming the defi

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