Vivek Kumar

Veteran Poet - 1,938 Points [Jarvis] (24 march 1999 / India)

Biography of Vivek Kumar

My name is Vivek.. I was born on 24 march in 1999.. I am a student.. I am highly interested in poetry.. I have composed only few poems but each of them are sighs of my heart.. I got inspiration from the nature and people.. My poems are those feelings which remained untold.. I just want to let them know... My greatest inspiration is my loved one.. No matter she listen to me or not.. but I want to tell her how I feel.. really.. here is nothing without you.. Updates

A Single Night..

It is a night when the sky is black...
My angel sees....My heart has a crack..
The stars are hidden in sorrow of clouds...
She made me believe..I had no doubts...

The moon is happy.. It has a pleasure..
Now to me.. I have a lot of alone leisure..
The clouds are floating towards the west..
Throughout my whole life... It was only a test...

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