Vivek Tiwari

Rookie - 113 Points (23 July 1985 / Gaura (R.S.) Pratapgarh)

Vivek Tiwari Poems

41. वक्त आया है की आज खुद को आजमा लें 5/18/2014
42. न छेड़ो जनों हिन्द आजादी को 8/15/2014
43. My First Looking.... 8/18/2014
44. Who Hath The Time? 12/4/2014
45. What Men Live By 3/21/2013
46. Happiness Unlimited 2/5/2013
47. What The Plants Say 12/28/2012
48. Samaj Ke Deemak (समाज के दीमक) 12/14/2012
49. Mother-The Eternal Goddess 11/23/2012
50. Happy Children's Day 11/14/2012
51. Love Money! 11/18/2012
52. Our Love Has Got The Prize 11/25/2012
53. The Divine Light 12/3/2012
54. I Want To Turn The Pages Of History 12/27/2012
55. Life Is But A Roaring Stream 12/27/2012
56. Baby Thou Sleeping Yet! 12/24/2012
57. Jindagi Ka Safar (जिंदगी का सफर) 12/15/2012
58. A Call For Revolution 2/19/2013
59. Don'T Expect A Blossom's Day 12/19/2012
60. Wait 1/21/2013
61. Wrong Verification! 1/25/2013
62. Prem (प्रेम) 2/28/2014
63. I Long To Live In The Eden Garden Of Nature 12/24/2012
64. Keep The Fights 11/3/2012
65. At The Request Of My Students While Teaching Wordsworth's Daffodils 7/23/2013
66. I Crave To Die 1/9/2013
67. Love At The Dagger`s End 12/22/2012
68. I Long To Write You A Letter 12/24/2012
69. Silent Scream 9/22/2014
70. Happy Republic Day 1/25/2013
71. Death Can Not Frighten Me 1/9/2013
72. The Treasure Tree 2/17/2014
73. Happy Teacher's Day 9/5/2013
74. An Yearn For Youth 12/27/2012
75. Battle Of Self And Slavery 8/12/2013
76. Faith Betrayed: The Sale Of Love 1/10/2013
77. A Father's Remorseful Lament 1/2/2013
78. Song Of Hope 2/9/2013
79. Pardon Me My Love 12/30/2012
80. Now It's Time To Prove Ourselves 12/31/2013

Comments about Vivek Tiwari

  • Kripa Bhardwaj (7/26/2014 12:59:00 AM)

    He is a very good poet. Even a very good teacher. he is the best teacher in my life.
    his poems gives me an encouragement. i salute his spirit of both writing and teaching
    i will never forget this poet in my life...................................................................

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    1 person did not like.
  • Payal Parande (8/10/2013 6:35:00 AM)

    Vivek Tiwari sir is one of the best poet i know and i feel grateful and lucky to be reading his poems. His poems tells how brilliant he is. he is also a great teacher his students are very lucky to have him as a teacher... all i want to say is thank you for being a poet sir

  • Angel Lockwood (1/27/2013 12:38:00 PM)

    What is Love?
    Is different
    Also provoking to thought! !

Best Poem of Vivek Tiwari

Planting The Saplings

These saplings that I plant
Shall grow in youthful lusty bloom
With beautiful hues and sweet fragrance
In My Garden before my door.

Among the plants with laden flowers
Shall I sit serenity blessed
Easing in cot or swing or chair
Viewing the beauty wide expressed.

I shall glance and glare and sing
To all its heart exulting scenes
Its ecstasy of melodious musing
Of wasps murmuring and humming bees;
Singing birds and cuckoos' rhyming
Shall teach my heart a divine ease.

I shall be me young again
Bubbling heart of warm enthusiasm
To ...

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Love Money!

Love money!
Love wealth!
Love property and all her riches!
Love money
For she competes her lovers!
Love money
For she has lovers in most!
Love money
For she-as seems-is quite virgin!

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