Vivek Tiwari

Rookie - 113 Points (23 July 1985 / Gaura (R.S.) Pratapgarh)

Vivek Tiwari Poems

41. वक्त आया है की आज खुद को आजमा लें 5/18/2014
42. न छेड़ो जनों हिन्द आजादी को 8/15/2014
43. My First Looking.... 8/18/2014
44. Who Hath The Time? 12/4/2014
45. What Men Live By 3/21/2013
46. Happiness Unlimited 2/5/2013
47. What The Plants Say 12/28/2012
48. Samaj Ke Deemak (समाज के दीमक) 12/14/2012
49. Mother-The Eternal Goddess 11/23/2012
50. Happy Children's Day 11/14/2012
51. Love Money! 11/18/2012
52. Our Love Has Got The Prize 11/25/2012
53. The Divine Light 12/3/2012
54. I Want To Turn The Pages Of History 12/27/2012
55. Life Is But A Roaring Stream 12/27/2012
56. Baby Thou Sleeping Yet! 12/24/2012
57. Jindagi Ka Safar (जिंदगी का सफर) 12/15/2012
58. A Call For Revolution 2/19/2013
59. Don'T Expect A Blossom's Day 12/19/2012
60. Wait 1/21/2013
61. Wrong Verification! 1/25/2013
62. Prem (प्रेम) 2/28/2014
63. I Long To Live In The Eden Garden Of Nature 12/24/2012
64. Keep The Fights 11/3/2012
65. At The Request Of My Students While Teaching Wordsworth's Daffodils 7/23/2013
66. I Crave To Die 1/9/2013
67. Love At The Dagger`s End 12/22/2012
68. I Long To Write You A Letter 12/24/2012
69. Silent Scream 9/22/2014
70. Happy Republic Day 1/25/2013
71. Death Can Not Frighten Me 1/9/2013
72. The Treasure Tree 2/17/2014
73. Happy Teacher's Day 9/5/2013
74. An Yearn For Youth 12/27/2012
75. Battle Of Self And Slavery 8/12/2013
76. Faith Betrayed: The Sale Of Love 1/10/2013
77. A Father's Remorseful Lament 1/2/2013
78. Song Of Hope 2/9/2013
79. Pardon Me My Love 12/30/2012
80. Now It's Time To Prove Ourselves 12/31/2013

Comments about Vivek Tiwari

  • Kripa Bhardwaj (7/26/2014 12:59:00 AM)

    He is a very good poet. Even a very good teacher. he is the best teacher in my life.
    his poems gives me an encouragement. i salute his spirit of both writing and teaching
    i will never forget this poet in my life...................................................................

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    1 person did not like.
  • Payal Parande (8/10/2013 6:35:00 AM)

    Vivek Tiwari sir is one of the best poet i know and i feel grateful and lucky to be reading his poems. His poems tells how brilliant he is. he is also a great teacher his students are very lucky to have him as a teacher... all i want to say is thank you for being a poet sir

  • Angel Lockwood (1/27/2013 12:38:00 PM)

    What is Love?
    Is different
    Also provoking to thought! !

Best Poem of Vivek Tiwari

Planting The Saplings

These saplings that I plant
Shall grow in youthful lusty bloom
With beautiful hues and sweet fragrance
In My Garden before my door.

Among the plants with laden flowers
Shall I sit serenity blessed
Easing in cot or swing or chair
Viewing the beauty wide expressed.

I shall glance and glare and sing
To all its heart exulting scenes
Its ecstasy of melodious musing
Of wasps murmuring and humming bees;
Singing birds and cuckoos' rhyming
Shall teach my heart a divine ease.

I shall be me young again
Bubbling heart of warm enthusiasm
To ...

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If Ever I Be A Teacher

If ever in my life
I'll be able
To be a teacher
On behalf my worth
Behalf mine own talents
That's my first liking
My best amusement
I shall try
To find it out

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