Vizard Dhawan

Biography of Vizard Dhawan

i am a student of class 10
i love reading and writing poems
I have been writing poetry since when I was in class 8th.
I am the student of central public school...samastipur
I fall in love with a girl in the month of february named survi...
since then i love poetry more..
i am in section A
I think poems are written when you are in love..
I dont have much popularity among my friends but I go on writing..thinking this as my work Updates

Who! But You

You are responsible,
To end my search.
To shake my principle,
To get me in lurch.

Is your this quality,
A God gifted?
Is your this ability,
Has been shifted?

I don't see anyone
But you;
Believe it or not
But it's true.

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