Vizard Dhawan

Vizard Dhawan Poems

121. Projectile Motion 3/17/2013
122. A Day Ahead 3/10/2013
123. Death Or You 3/9/2013
124. A Dream 3/14/2013
125. Knowing 12/8/2012
126. Satire 12/6/2012
127. I Love You 11/23/2012
128. By The Way 12/2/2012
129. All Are Yours 12/7/2012
130. Freeze This Moment 12/31/2012
131. Word That Hurts 12/11/2012
132. Yesterday 3/14/2013
133. Eyes Are Real 12/2/2012
134. My Cry 11/26/2012
135. Am I Your Second Love 12/26/2012
136. The Proof 12/4/2012
137. I Hope You Will Forgive Me 12/4/2012
138. Love Ladden Lust 12/4/2012
139. Colour 12/12/2012
140. I Can'T Text You Roses 11/30/2012
141. World Disabled Day 3/18/2013
142. You Are My Soul 11/30/2012
143. Being In Love 11/15/2012
144. Hydrocarbon 12/4/2012
145. A Million Kisses For One Lips 12/7/2012
Best Poem of Vizard Dhawan

A Million Kisses For One Lips

I may not be a millionaire for the rest of the world
but in my lover's eyes I am worth more than that
I may not be the wisest for the scholars present here
but in my lover's eyes I have more wisdom than the rest
I may not be the smartest of the smart folks here
but in my lover's eyes I might be more than Tom Cruise! !
my pocket will be empty never will be my heart
everyday seeing your face, feeling you, my days start
I may not be able to provide you this world's glimpse
but I have a million kisses for your one lips

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Everything for you,
I proclaimed.
My world is peaceful
The reason is you.
You are in my dreams
I admit.
Life doesn't have flavour
Without you.
How I began yo love you

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