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Vlad Mutuleanu Poems

41. You And Me 10/13/2013
42. Kiss 8/5/2013
43. If You Just Let Me 6/28/2015
44. The War Inside 10/1/2015
45. A Star Among Many 7/21/2015
46. When The Words Abandon Me 10/29/2013
47. Life 9/9/2013
48. Everything 10/23/2013
49. Hard Is The Truth 2/13/2014
50. Dark Horizons 2/21/2015
51. I Am Not Right 9/24/2015
52. The Lost Poem 4/23/2014
53. Candle In The Dark 1/10/2016
Best Poem of Vlad Mutuleanu

Candle In The Dark

You are a candle in a room,
A room that`s being dark
Yet all throughout the night
Your flame should never stop.

As perfect or imperfect
That flame may always be,
It will forever be yours truly
And only you can keep it burning.

So don`t give up
And let your flame dull out,
But let it seethe the room
And turn it into light.

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How easy to step forward
Releasing myself
And those years of my life.
Behind me, only memories
And long forgotten moments.
Before me, future
The everlasting future.
Every person is a book
And every book has many chapters

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