Vladimir Kristus

Rookie (1/4/1998-present / Little Rock, Arkansas)

Biography of Vladimir Kristus

I do write all sad and depressed but I'm truly an upbeat person. I like to listen to music and write. I sing for my band in my freetime and I like to do the artwork for the t-shirts and band symbols and logos. I haven't been that confident in my writing lately though so any nice comments are taken personally in my heart. My practice SAT may have said my writing skill was 74% better than most sophomores in high school while I'm an eighth grader but I don't believe it. I repeat not all that confident in myself in writing... So please be nice!

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Bloody Valentine

The blade.
It penetrates the skin.
It forms tears of blood upon my arm.
The pain.
It hurts for a second.
It stops after a while.
The blood.
It slowly runs down my arms to my finger tips.
It drips off of my hands to the paper.
A present from me to you.
A gift.
A token of my love.
This is my Bloody Valentine.

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