Vladislav Khodasevich

(1886 - 1939 / Moscow / Russia)

Biography of Vladislav Khodasevich

Vladislav Khodasevich poet

Vladislav Felitsianovich Khodasevich (Russian: Владисла́в Фелициа́нович Ходасе́вич; May 16, 1886 – June 14, 1939) was an influential Russian poet and literary critic who presided over the Berlin circle of Russian emigre litterateurs.
Khodasevich was born in Moscow into a family of Felitsian Khodasevich (Polish: Felicjan Chodasiewicz), a Polish nobleman, and Sofiia Iakovlevna (née Brafman), a Jewish woman who converted to Christianity. His cousin Nadia Khodasevich married Fernand Léger. He left the Moscow University after understanding that poetry was his true vocation. Khodasevich's first collections of poems, Youth (1907) and A Happy Little House (1914), were subsequently discarded by him as immature.

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About My Myself

No, I didn't lost the beauty, but in whole,
I'm put to shame to see it by my eyes,
By eyes of men - else more, for my soul
Will not agree with their offensive prize.

And so I live, hiding my heart, divine,
Into the breast of a low, nasty rebel …
D' you see a spider on the green blade, fine,
And on its back - the cruciform black label?

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