Vladislav Khodasevich

(1886 - 1939 / Moscow / Russia)

Vladislav Khodasevich Poems

1. Before The Mirror 4/7/2015
2. Look for Me 6/29/2016
3. About My Myself 6/29/2016
4. Automobile 6/29/2016
5. A Blizzard Roars Behind... 6/29/2016
6. The Evening 6/29/2016
7. From the Diary 6/29/2016
8. The Hum of Spring... 6/29/2016
9. Lady's Hands Were Washed... 6/29/2016
10. No, You're not Right... 6/29/2016
11. The Tears Of Rachel 6/29/2016
12. Thank God!... 6/29/2016
13. Through the Window 6/29/2016
14. The Music 6/29/2016
15. Blind Man 6/29/2016
16. Nights 6/29/2016
17. The House 6/29/2016
18. The Swallows 6/29/2016
19. In Front of the Mirror 6/29/2016
20. God Alive! 6/29/2016
21. April 6/29/2016
22. Not My Mother… 6/29/2016
23. Step over 6/29/2016
24. The Monkey 6/29/2016

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Best Poem of Vladislav Khodasevich

Look for Me

Look for me in spring's transparent air.
I flit like vanishing wings, no heavier than
a sound, a breath, a sunray on the floor;
I'm lighter than that ray - it's there: I'm gone.

But we are friends for ever, undivided!
Listen: I'm here. Your hands can feel the way
to reach me with their living touch, extended
trembling into the restless flame of day.

Happen to close your eyelids, while you linger…
Make me one final effort, and you might
find at the nerve-ends of each quivering finger
brushes of secret fire as I ignite.

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The Evening

Smooth and crunch by feet of mine.
Snow starts and wind regains.
Holly Father! What a pine!
Holly Father! What a pain!

Your world under moon is hard,
And You're not as kind as told.
Why need we this world so wide,
If death reigns in this wide world?…

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