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1. Self Hatred 3/12/2006
2. Bleed To Breathe 3/12/2006
3. Doomed In Reality 3/12/2006
4. Doomed In Reality Ver.2 3/12/2006
5. Am I A Freak Yet? ! 3/12/2006
6. Lost Friendship: 3/13/2006
7. Last Breath: 3/13/2006
8. Candle Hope 3/13/2006
9. Strangest Place 3/13/2006
10. Facing Me 3/26/2006
11. Un Titled 4/2/2006
12. My Only Waterfall 3/13/2006
13. Grave Stripper 3/13/2006
14. Smashed Softly 3/13/2006
Best Poem of voldy rules

Smashed Softly

One spot, lots of arrows,
Lots of wounds, too much pain,
Lost in your world,
Caught by your glance
Your soundless whispers,
Gets into my head
The meaningless words
Somehow seems so familiar, so scary,
Your cold touch tears my soul,
Play with it as it's a doll,
In a place
Where there isn't love nor peace
In it's core bestiality and sorrows,
You will meet!

A crying heart with an aching soul,
A wild scream from an endless fall,
The bones are melting,
The blood is freezing,
The skin is tore,
That's what they adore,

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