Volkan Hacioglu

Biography of Volkan Hacioglu

Volkan Hacioglu was born in Istanbul, Turkey on 26 September 1977. He earned B.A. in 2000, and then M.A. in 2003 both at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. In 2006 he matriculated in the Ph.D. program in economics at State University of New York at Albany, College of Arts and Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in 2010. He lectured courses of Æsthetics at Nazim Hikmet Academy. Since 1997 his poems and poetry translations appeared in various journals and magazines. Hes has three books of poetry published. He is the-editor-in-chief of the international multilingual magazine Rosetta World Literatura.

Volkan Hacioglu's Works:

Duvarlarda Gözlerim Üsüyor (2006)
Dansa Kaldirilmayan Kadin (2010)
Ahenk Kapisi (2013)

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Parnassius Apollo

Beware the mercy of widows
Like a fiendish hand caresses the neck
Of a sacrifice soon to be cut
Sly is the betrayal

Beware the secret keeping of deads
Their patience is a mouth sealed with grief
Cracks the key stone of the vault of heaven
Quiet and retiring

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