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Vonda Overlie Poems

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64. Lust 2/7/2008
65. Bodacious Booty! 4/14/2008
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Bodacious Booty!

Oh bodacious booty for years I have detsested thee.
The object of ridicule in those puberic years.

I have hidden you and starved you in hope you would disappear.
Forever faithful you stayed behind me.

You are now all the rage, for the time being.
Approving glances have made you feel loved.

Can I now give you the love you so highly deserve?
Can I finally accept you for what you are?

Robust and round with a life of it's own.
Bask in your glory for a new day will come.

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Growing Up!

If I could look into your past perhaps I'd understand.
You stayed guarded.

I wanted so badly for you to share your heart.
You allowed only glimpses of your pain.

I held you as if you were the child.
Comforting, encouraging, stroking your hair.

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