W.B. Keckler

Biography of W.B. Keckler

W. B. Keckler's book Sanskrit of the Body was selected by Mary Oliver for the National Poetry Series. It is available through Penguin Books. His poetry, prose, and verbo-visual art have appeared in several hundred magazines here and abroad since 1990. Keckler is also a playwright and has written several screenplays. His poetry and plays have received many accolades, including two Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry and fellowships from the National Endowment on the Arts and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

W.B. Keckler's Works:

Sanskrit of the Body, which won in the National Poetry Series (2002) was published by Penguin Books and is available online at amazon.com and many other sites, or at reputable (or shady) bookseller near you. Other published works include:

Ants Dissolve in Moonlight (Fugue State Press, NYC,1995)

Recombinant Image Day (2002, Broken Boulder Press, available online) .

The Kingdom of Farfelu with Paper Moons (translation from the French of Andre Malraux; Fugue State Press, NYC,2006) .

Alright, But I'm Gonna Burn Down the Building (Uncollected Poems) (Six Gallery Press, Pittsburgh, PA; forthcoming 2007) .

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I Wear A Hat

I wear a hat to hide my face. It isn't to synthesize my image. I am not a synthesizer, although I play one online. I wear a hat with a broad brim, a kind brim. I like it when my face is in the brim's deep shadows, only glimpsed like leaves at the bottom of a motel swimming pool, a pool that hasn't seen a net in years. Think of a motel swimming pool

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