W.B. Mad

Rookie (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Biography of W.B. Mad

Growing older everyday. Hating and loving life at the same time. Writing all the time on benches, on buses, in church, in classes, at dinner, in hotels, at pools, in the park, in the movie theater, everywhere. Dad suffers from chronic pancriatitus and is out of work and on disability while Mom works to feed brothers. W.B. Mad suffers from Chronic Depression from which often much of his work his inspired by focusing on dark themes and the underbelly of life.

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Pages of old stories stuffed everywhere.
My life is consumed with pages.
Pages here and pages there.
Pages stuffed in drawers and boxes.
Pages stuffed in pages stuffed in pants and down old condom boxes.
Pages stuffed up like I'm hiding drugs from the cops.
Pages stuffed in walls.
Pages stuffed everywhere

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