Wakefield Mahon

Biography of Wakefield Mahon

Wakefield Mahon was born in El Paso, TX then proceeded to travel around the world. His poems, music and stories reflect that experience.

Works by Wakefield Mahon appear in many anthologies and ezines primarily in the fantasy and horror genres. Detailed links are available at http: //www.wakefieldmahon.com

The Sacred Stones series (originally the Way of the Sword) , starting with Jade Dreams, explores the nature of story telling, myth and legends across cultures and time through the adventures of a teenage heroine who must unite the weapons of legend in order to save the world from the ultimate evil.

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Kisses, Soft And Warm

Kisses soft and warm she gives,
Like forest summer day;
The foliage flowers and birds rejoice
She makes the whole world gay.

And now she stands before me,
In all her glory free,
Soft skin of ivory and supple curves,
A joy for me to see.

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