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Wakefield Mahon Poems

41. The Wall 10/23/2011
42. What Does It Mean To You? 10/23/2011
43. What Have I Done? 10/23/2011
44. What If There Was Love? 10/23/2011
45. Within These Prison Walls 10/23/2011
46. The World Will Not Know 10/23/2011
47. World Without Love 10/23/2011
48. Your Voice 10/23/2011
49. Jesus, Let Me Love You 10/23/2011
50. Just Because I Love You 10/23/2011
51. The Inspiration 10/23/2011
52. In This Age Where Lies Abound (The Truth Lives On) 10/23/2011
53. I Would That My Words 10/23/2011
54. I Remember 10/23/2011
55. A Cold November Night 10/23/2011
56. A Corinthian Prayer 10/23/2011
57. Island Of Love 10/23/2011
58. A Butterfly's Song 10/23/2011
59. You Have A Way 10/23/2011
60. In The Middle Of The Night 10/23/2011
61. There Is A Silence 10/23/2011
62. To A Friend 10/23/2011
63. There Was A Foolish Man 10/23/2011
64. Upon The Frost 10/23/2011
65. Searching 10/23/2011
66. Your Poem 10/23/2011
67. Rainbow 10/23/2011
68. Towers Of Babylon 10/23/2011
69. The Web 10/23/2011
70. Princess 10/23/2011
71. Questions 10/23/2011
72. On The Dove 10/23/2011
73. Love, Like A Trumpet 10/23/2011
74. Love Is A Funny Thing 10/23/2011
75. The One You Despise 10/23/2011
76. Loyalty 10/23/2011
77. My Soul Doth Long For The Lord 10/23/2011
78. Meine Schatz 10/23/2011
79. There Is A Place 10/23/2011
80. She Is A Mother 10/23/2011

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Best Poem of Wakefield Mahon

I Hate Rondeaus

I hate rondeaus, they're just too hard
My thinker hurts, my brain is scarred
To say my piece in fifteen lines
In octosyllabic confines
It seems to me is just bizarre

Try to keep straight A, B and R
In such an order, oh my stars!
It seems I'm sure to force a rhyme
I hate rondeaus!

I'll even bet you will not pard
You'll tell me card rhymes not with cars
That wiser bard could write sublime
Then may I say just one more time
I hate rondeaus!

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The Enchantress

With eyes that burn into your soul
Glowing brighter than embers and coals
With silvery voice that puts at bay
Any objection you might have made
With hands that set your skin ablaze
Drawing you to her enchanted ways
With a kiss that can melt a heart of stone
You dare not face her on your own.

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