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41. Respect 11/11/2009
42. Searching For Yesterday 11/11/2009
43. Seeds Of Life 11/11/2009
44. The Measure Of Ones Self 11/11/2009
45. I Can'T See God 11/11/2009
46. I Fear Not Death 11/11/2009
47. Unsung Heros 11/11/2009
48. What Is True Love? 11/11/2009
49. Who Deserves To Live? 11/11/2009
50. You Are My Music 11/11/2009
51. Love & Pain...Are You 11/11/2009
52. If There Is Remembrance 11/12/2009
53. Is Love Enough? 11/13/2009
54. Too Late? 11/11/2009
55. Treasures Of Life 11/11/2009
56. Lyrics Of Life 11/11/2009
57. Wisdome 11/11/2009
58. Anger 11/11/2009
59. To You... 11/11/2009
60. 006-Sing Me No Sad Songs 11/11/2009
61. I Knew You Were Gone...Before You Left. 11/11/2009
62. 009-Bath Me In Your Tears 11/11/2009
63. 002-I Miss You 11/11/2009
64. 002-When Do I Think Of You? 11/11/2009
65. 005-How Could You Not Know? 11/11/2009
66. Hope? 11/11/2009
67. 007-Hush... 11/11/2009
68. 012-The Last Sunset 11/11/2009

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Hush...hush my darling, listen to our hearts...
as they beat as one. In the stillness
of this quiet time...can you see the gift
of yesterdays and the promise of tomorrow?
Can you hear the choir of the angels,
as they sing their songs of love?

Hush...can you hear my muted words of
love and caring? Can you feel my soul...
as it merges with yours?

Hush...as the wind plays in the trees and
the rain falls gently, as it plops against the
window and dances on the roof.

Hush...our baby sleeps and a distant violin,
plays softly...

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006-Sing Me No Sad Songs

Sing me no sad songs cause my hearts
been broken too many times and I've cried
myself asleep too many nights.

Sing me no sad songs cause they bring
back all the hurt and all the memories that
I'm tryin' to forget.

Sing me no sad songs cause I'm feelin'

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