Walter C. Edwards

Walter C. Edwards Poems

361. The Simplistic Life 5/15/2014
362. Out Of Space And Time 11/28/2013
363. Rainbow Tears 8/11/2013
364. My Guitar 5/27/2013
365. From Once We Came 5/4/2013
366. Lunch Box 5/26/2013
367. Girl Time Party Party Time 7/12/2013
368. Up To No Good 5/1/2013
369. The Jester Weeps 4/24/2013
370. Lighting Strikes Twice 1/5/2013
371. Cold Spring Rain 3/31/2013
372. I Came Back Into The Room 3/18/2013
373. Kiss Me Just Kiss Me 12/27/2012
374. I Killed A Man 12/27/2012
375. Melody Sue 12/15/2012
376. Wish To Hold In Your Arms 12/10/2012
377. The Black Unicorn 12/4/2012
378. Shattered Glass 11/29/2012
379. Santa's Sexy Elf 11/29/2012
380. A Whispered Voice 11/24/2012
381. Tunnel Of Love 7/28/2013
382. Cross I Wear 8/28/2013
383. Please Be Gentle 8/26/2013
384. Going Out Tonight 8/20/2013
385. Perfect Bodies 11/13/2013
386. About The Dark 1/18/2014
387. Glorified Chimpanzees 5/28/2013
388. Adoring Eyes 5/15/2013
389. Lemon Meringue Pie 11/17/2012
390. Tongues Entwined 12/4/2012
391. Soak My Feet 4/24/2013
392. The Long Journey Home 3/10/2013
393. My Wife's 52nd Birthday 2/17/2013
394. Time To Turn Back The Clocks 11/24/2012
395. Brick Wall 7/15/2013
396. The Nightmares 5/5/2014
397. Nothing New 1/29/2014
398. Key Chain 6/22/2014
399. Winter 12/9/2013
400. Stuck In Neutral 11/21/2013

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A Robins Call

As the Robins cherps in the early morning light,
the female comes into nets to relieved her mate,
the male goes of to find some food to eat,
as then the the female begins to tweet,
"the egg is cold you lazy baster,
I should peck your dairy after,
I will have to sit here way to long,
as your lazy ass is gone,
she chirps I need to eat,
and repeats I need to eat, "
The male comes back into the nest,
a chance for him to rest,
to keep all the eggs warm,
he sounds out a alarm,
"I see Cat, I see Cat,
may it get go away, ...

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Old Gray House

Weathered widows wet from rains,
cracks all around the glass and pains,
dryed like old skin,
worn as the paint is now thin,
the glass is musty with dust and stained,
so hard to look inside,
this old abode,
falling apart,
I once live here in this house,
now falling apart and old.

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