Walter C. Edwards

Walter C. Edwards Poems

41. The Bird Bath 12/1/2012
42. Life To Dreams 12/1/2012
43. Dancing Naked 12/1/2012
44. Empty Seat 12/1/2012
45. Desinding Into My Last Fall 12/4/2012
46. Posin On Your 12/10/2012
47. Shallow 12/10/2012
48. Winters Fight 12/10/2012
49. The Taste Of Wine 12/10/2012
50. Trying To Slumber 12/10/2012
51. Melted Chocolate Tonight 12/10/2012
52. Out Of The Hollows 11/3/2012
53. A Glance And Dreams 11/3/2012
54. Candles Of Delight 11/3/2012
55. Old Gray House 11/3/2012
56. Team Work 12/4/2012
57. Fifth Sun 12/15/2012
58. There Was A Time 12/15/2012
59. A Time To Think 12/15/2012
60. A Little Ones Present 12/15/2012
61. Hope Is It Just A Word 12/18/2012
62. Into The Mist 12/18/2012
63. Don'T Ever Forget Me 12/18/2012
64. Living The Life 12/18/2012
65. In The Abbey 12/27/2012
66. The Little Lord Emperor 12/27/2012
67. The Black Kettle 12/27/2012
68. Lost Girl Help Me Home 12/27/2012
69. One Word 12/27/2012
70. Shallow Sand Castles 1/5/2013
71. Do Not Cry 1/8/2013
72. Wrap Me Up 1/8/2013
73. The Maitre D' 1/8/2013
74. A Love Poem 1/8/2013
75. Where Has Time Gone 1/13/2013
76. Beaten Down 1/13/2013
77. This Road Called Life 1/13/2013
78. Waking Up 1/13/2013
79. To Sleep And Rise Again 1/14/2013
80. To Cuddle 1/20/2013

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Best Poem of Walter C. Edwards

A Robins Call

As the Robins cherps in the early morning light,
the female comes into nets to relieved her mate,
the male goes of to find some food to eat,
as then the the female begins to tweet,
"the egg is cold you lazy baster,
I should peck your dairy after,
I will have to sit here way to long,
as your lazy ass is gone,
she chirps I need to eat,
and repeats I need to eat, "
The male comes back into the nest,
a chance for him to rest,
to keep all the eggs warm,
he sounds out a alarm,
"I see Cat, I see Cat,
may it get go away, ...

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Out Of The Hollows

Out of the hollows
an owl comes near me,
then when I ask where have you been,
she flies off again
with a bat in her talons
dead as dead as night that comes before us both,
away to her roasts,
her nested where her young ones must be,
back again then a hoot,
as the night falls upon us all.

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