Walter Richard Cassels

(1826-1907 / England)

Biography of Walter Richard Cassels

Walter Richard Cassels (London 4 September 1826 - 10 June 1907) is the speculated author of the anonymous work Supernatural Religion.

Born in London to a British consular official, Walter spent most of his early life in India. In partnership with two of his brothers he later set up a business in Bombay. After serving in the legislative council of Bombay from 1863 to 1865, he returned to England.

Walter Richard Cassels's Works:

* Eidolon, or the Course of a Soul; and other poems. William Pickering: London, 1850.
* Poems. Smith, Elder & Co.: London, 1856.
* Cotton: An Account of its Culture in the Bombay Presidency. Updates

A Dirge

Winds are sighing round the drooping eaves;
Sadly float the midnight hours away;
Dun and grey athwart the ivy-leaves,
Fall the first pale chilly tints of day,
Ah me! the weary, weary tints of day.

Soon the darkness will be past and gone;
Soon the silence spread its noiseless wing;
Sleep will strike its tent and hurry on;

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