Walter William Safar

Rookie (6.08.1958 / Sherman, Texas)

Biography of Walter William Safar

WALTER WILLIAM SAFA He is the author of a number of a significant number of prose works and novels, including 'Leaden fog', 'Chastity on sale', 'In the falmes of passion', 'The price of life', 'Above the clouds', 'The infernal circle', 'The scream', 'The Devil’s Architect”, 'Queen Elizabeth II', as well as a book of poems. Updates

A Letter To My Beloved

While I am writing this letter to You, my one and only,
the mute wind,
utterly silent and stealthy,
has opened the doors of the old church,
and carried away the prayers
along the white heavenly fields.
The mute wind never opens my door,
because he knows that my prayers ran dry
long since, just like my tears.

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