Walterrean Salley

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Walterrean Salley Quotes

  • ''Death is a prerequisite to the next world, wherever that might be.''
    Walterrean Salley September 2009
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  • ''The Bible is rich with imagery, symbolism, metaphor, simile, and irony.''
    Walterrean Salley September 2015
  • ''Endurance is the ability to withstand the harshest conditions, with one's faith in tact.''
    Walterrean Salley
  • ''Some things will remain a puzzle until one is fortunate, or unfortunate, to EXPERIENCE them for self.''
    Walterrean Salley
  • ''I love the rain, as long as I am inside looking out. Great observation of a common phenomenon.''
    Walterrean Salley
  • ''Don't worry about others, brighten the corner where you are.''
    Walterrean Salley
  • ''Time, knowledge, and action gets the job done.''
    Walterrean Salley September 2015
  • ''Procrastination is a road that leads to waste.''
    Walterrean Salley December 2003
  • ''Meditation is medication.''
    Walterrean Salley September 2015
  • '''Tis is a tragedy when MISFORTUNE visits upon the unfortunate.''
    Walterrean Salley December 2006

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Best Poem of Walterrean Salley

Be Good To Yourself

Be good to yourself—
You deserve it.

Take care of yourself
While you're here.
No one else can do it
Better than you.

Hold yourself up.
Don't be your worst enemy.
Nor a 'self hater, '
Like some love to do.

Live and enjoy life.
Look in the mirror and smile.
Believe that good things
Will happen for you.

Be grateful that you were
A candidate for life.
And let such gratitude

Make the best choices for yourself.
Exercise. Rest.
And eat properly.
For on such things the body thrives.

Love yourself, ...

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It's Her Time

I counted the wrinkles in her hands
Whom life had subtly passed by.
She got no visits and no mail,
No one phoned her to say hi.

On the table by the window,
A lovely portrait of her youth.
With feeble hands she caressed
The image that so seemed to soothe.

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