Waltzing Mouse

Waltzing Mouse Poems

1. Hush 4/14/2007
2. How Can You Love Me? 4/15/2007
3. Springtime 4/15/2007
4. Its More Like Death Than Boredom To Me 4/16/2007
5. For Poppy 4/16/2007
6. Warhorse 4/16/2007
7. Hate 4/24/2007
8. Writers Cramp 4/24/2007
9. The Satin Gown 5/9/2007
10. I Hate You 5/12/2007
11. Don'T Sit On The Moam-Raths! 5/13/2007
12. The Gypsy Temptress 5/14/2007
13. A Dying Beauty 5/18/2007
14. Green Eyes 7/24/2007
15. The Fragments Of My Broken Heart 4/15/2007
16. How Much You Mean To Me 4/25/2007
17. What I See When I Look At The Sun And The Moon 5/2/2007
18. The Lionesses Last Word To The Pride 5/17/2007
19. Dusky And Broken Promises 5/22/2007
20. The Sun 4/18/2007
21. Sky Horses 4/13/2007
22. Racing With The Wind 5/17/2007
23. Sexy Suicide 5/14/2007
24. End Of Autumn 4/13/2007
25. A Touch Of Moonlight 4/15/2007
26. The White Rose 4/15/2007
27. I'Ll Love You Forever 4/18/2007

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Best Poem of Waltzing Mouse

I'Ll Love You Forever

When I look at you
I forget how to breathe
You are a fallen angel
I love the way you hold me tight
You kiss me and it feels just right

When I look at you
I am speechless
Your kindness astounds me
What’s so special about me? I think
You look at me and I blush pink

When I look at you
My heart skips a note
It flutters in my chest
I think of you every minute of the day
I love you more than words can say

When I look at you
I wonder to myself
How did I get a guy like you?
You ended up with a girl like me
There is no logic, ...

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In the hush of the night
I listen at my bedroom window
I hear the soft trickle
Of water dancing over pebbles

I see the stars glinting
Like one million diamonds
Set in an ebony sky
Velvety and silent

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