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41. Winter Heralds In 11/7/2005
42. Perils Of Pearls 5/5/2006
43. If You Were Metal 9/13/2005
44. Dirty Kurty 4/3/2006
45. Pretty Girl In A Shitty Car 12/20/2005
46. American Geisha 12/29/2005
47. New York Sucks 9/13/2005
48. Human Suitcase 11/11/2005
49. Some Guitarists I Know 11/17/2005
50. I Am Holding Your Eyes Hostage 9/13/2005
51. I Wanted To Be A Willow Tree 11/30/2005
52. August Is The Dying Month 9/13/2005

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  • Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler (9/29/2005 3:06:00 PM)

    i see a great deal of talent in your work. keep writing and experimenting with new styles. take in everything you can read. soak it up and use it. blow minds and break hearts.


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Best Poem of Wanda Swim Strunk

August Is The Dying Month

August is the dying month
When hot July struggles to keep her hold
Moving toward a hopeless chilled September
Pretending to be summer
As if children heading back to school stir the cold from the sky

It is a refined deceiver

August is a butterfly crushed on a roadway
One side dead to the pavement
The other is still vibrantly flutteringly alive
Fighting to fly away but it’s fate is already sealed

It is a delicate executioner

August is the month colors trickle from trees
A first leaf unnoticed tumbles
Sheepishly the others will shortly ...

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New York Sucks

New York sucked me into its pavement
Until I became gray and stony too
With it’s constant humming background
Irritating and hypnotic like a Hoover vacuum
Began feeling less like me and more like living scenery
I could move without moving anyone to me
Clustered in I couldn’t get them to move away

I couldn’t get any space to breathe and I was so fucking lonely

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