Wang Qian

Freshman - 600 Points (Xi'an)

Biography of Wang Qian

Poetry for me creates the inner salvation and the growth. They are just like the bones that hold up my flesh powerfully, which gives my heart so much room to breathe and bloom.

In my eyes, poems writing is not a Forbidden City, but words in it can play with each other, Chinese characters can exchange some fantastic fun with English dictions when one pictures an English poem with a cross thinking in mind, thus the boundary of languages blurs and the continuation of passion stirs.

It's a big universe. Updates

Qualified Liar

We used to have a degree for our knowledge.
We used to make a difference in a cornfield.
We used to build a lie successfully.

All kinds of advanced knowledge were armed
On our bodies,
Too heavy to bear,
Useless like grass,
Whose original green fades away.

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