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I was born in Imphal, Manipur in 1984. Currently, I'm here in Bangalore..doing my study as well as I'm working in a pvt. company. I’m an atheist. I’m atheist even I don’t care that much if you’re religious, but don’t expect me to respect beliefs just because they happen to be dearly held. But I believe in the existence of a god. Disbelief in history of religions. I’m a liberal democrat, probably, mostly because I like democratic country and I hate capaltilism but the Marxism. I prefer ''dual-aspect monism to materialism'. The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. That doesn’t mean I know much more about the history, regardless it's on the fact but all history has been preconstructed with human's different perception of mind. I’m pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-gun-control, and anti-capital-punishment. I like the idea behind the UN, though I don’t particularly think the UN is doing anything resembling a good job. I dislikeanti-intellectualism, and the war on science going on (mostly) in the US. I speak three languages fluently, and three or four more adequately. I can make sense of about a dozen more. I’m a “college” student at the Oxford College, a regular college but me an irregular student. I used to think about becoming a Monk, but unfortunately I've have more blondes than brunettes. Spice! 'I got too many regretsI've smoked too many cigarrettesBut not now..thinking of becoming The Great! 'Once I remember at scholing time, She asked every student what's your aim and what do you want to become. They as usual like the words - Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Lawyer and so on. I was confused, because I haven't thought about yet. However, it was my turn and suddently I said..a Sanyasi..Class was completely filled with Noice.I do not for a moment imagine that any part of what I have to relate can be interesting to you as a narrative, or as being connected with myself. But I have thought in every history or story of anybody, there is an education rather it's gonna be a wasted.It has also seemed to me that in an age of transition in opinions, there may be somewhat both of interest and of benefit in noting the successive phases of any mind which was always pressing forward, equally ready to learn and to unlearn either from its own thoughts or from those of others. But a motive which weighs more with me than either of these, is a desire to make acknowledgment of the debts which my intellectual and moral development owes to other persons; some of them of recognized eminence, others less known than they deserve to be, and the one to whom most of all is due, one whom the world had no opportunity of knowing.I follow, 'I doubt, I think, therefore I am' by Descartes. Manipur/ Karnataka, India
I was born in 'a family' where spiritual dwells. However, many times fails to do spiritual practices due to my obstreperous desires. I remember when I was under the probation of spiritual, towards The Mother', I controlled the taste of non-veg for about 6 months. Somehow, I believe that my Will was strong just after the completion of that spiritual practiced period. Ironically, some days later I was intoxicated. I started having non-veg in a regular basis, having affairs with blondes, flirting with new relations, boozing, smoking etc. And then again I came across some hard relationships and I was totally absorbed in that relation, but from the beginning I know that this couldn't be the Love, so finally hung up the relation antagonistically.

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Endless Desire

Endless Desire

Knowingly and eagerly again waiting for an affair
Every time there is a sign before going in and telling me beware
It will hurt me and will break me down into million pieces
Love is dangerous I hear all time with uncountable promises.

There is an endless desire within me like a fire engine rushing frantically

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