Warren Falcon

Silver Star - 3,010 Points (04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Warren Falcon Poems

121. Evocation Of River And Spirits 2/26/2012
122. Scapegoat - Minimus Stuck - Fragment Abramic - 5/5/2012
123. Confusing Thumbs For Radiance, A Childhood 5/11/2012
124. Fragments Beginning With A Line By Berryman 5/20/2012
125. What Is Allowed Lace Of Vision 5/20/2012
126. A Poem In Fragments Beginning With A Line From Berryman 5/24/2012
127. Y U Blokt Me? A Website Romance Untimely Ended 5/27/2012
128. Poem For Caravaggio - Contemplating 'Conversion On The Way To Damascus' At 4 A.M. 5/30/2012
129. What Remains, Remains 5/31/2012
130. It Bears No Rhythm In It's Head - For Robin Blaser 6/3/2012
131. Hymn To Black Mouse 6/4/2012
132. Jack Spicer Makes Me Weep This Morning 6/14/2012
133. Sleepy Bee, He Is Rising Beneath Me, The Hidden God Is Pleased 8/5/2012
134. From 'Ragas For Krishna' 8/7/2012
135. From 'Ragas For Krishna' Part 2 8/7/2012
136. From 'Ragas For Krishna' - Part 3 8/7/2012
137. Your Throat Oddly Fish-Shaped 8/16/2012
138. Stage Coaches, Hands No Longer - How It Is How I Am Otherly Conformed, An Address Toward Deity 8/16/2012
139. Are You Hungry? A Poem For Departure 9/25/2012
140. Kairos - For Spicer Who 'Told Me Not' 9/30/2012
141. Four Against The Shapeless Wind 9/30/2012
142. Still Life With Burros 10/1/2012
143. Leaving The Temple Haiku 10/1/2012
144. What Is Revealed 10/13/2012
145. History Before Was Brunch Ever 10/14/2012
146. Der Einfall, Remaining Light In Duino 10/16/2012
147. What Is Revealed In Two 10/19/2012
148. Of Humans The Stains They Leave 10/25/2012
149. The Vein Trace - Of Eros Deconstructionists At Work In Bed 10/26/2012
150. Pisciatoio De Nero In Zero World 11/6/2012
151. I Have Some More Thoughts About Your Dreams Of Late 11/8/2012
152. Tio Tangles For Love 11/10/2012
153. Tio, Losing His Sums, Ontologizes 'what Has Become Of Me' 11/10/2012
154. Das Lied Von Der Erde [the Song Of The Earth] In Three Movements 11/12/2012
155. Privilege Kicks - A Meditation In Paces Near William Faulkner's Grave 11/15/2012
156. Instead Of The Griffin Prize* All I Get Is The Griffin** Or What I Get For Reading Too Much Godd*mned Charles Bukowski - A Poem-In-Cheek 11/17/2012
157. Glenn Gould In Heaven Does Lament 11/17/2012
158. Observing Early Autumn Snow From An Upstairs Window 11/24/2012
159. What Is Revealed, Variation 11/25/2012
160. O Mighty Beyond The Chimney Yet Under The Bed - One Address To The Lord After Berryman's 'Eleven' Astutter 12/1/2012

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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Delusion Of One

Born: Year of the Dragon.
Horoscope: 'Today's the lucky day.'

Luck, you say? O.K. Once. In a small town
on a snowy road, the scenery spinning round.
When it stopped you were pointing toward a good
place - Home. The message: Go back.
You can decide again to begin again
or stay warm there: Wombtown, population: 1.

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