Warren Falcon

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Warren Falcon Poems

201. 'Madly Singing In The Mountains' - An Old Man Changes His Tune 5/21/2015
202. Not Too Late The Father Hope - Inside My Father's Bomber Dream 5/25/2015
203. New York>London>New York Adagio - All Night, Crossing The Atlantic, I Read Franz 8/12/2015
204. Ok Mister Rogers Of Zen. I Do. 8/17/2015
205. From The Dusk Of My Ghost-House - Journal Poems From 1970's 11/2/2015
206. Design - Fabricate - Install: A Carol On The Difficulty Of Communion With The Ineffable In An Age Of Disbelief, Solitude, And Profound Anxiety 11/21/2015
207. What This Day Can Be Said Of Remorse 12/6/2015
208. In Excelsis Deo - Variation The Third Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing 12/18/2015
209. Cuts Loose Awash In Blue, Being An Account Of The Spiritual Near Misses Of A Half-A*sed Devotee Of Black Mouse 1/16/2016
210. Cuts Loose Awash In Blue - Photo Of The Shrine Before The End 1/19/2016
211. Exiled From Mountains A Country Boy Laments The Question, Harlem, Ny 1982 2/7/2016
212. Dreams Into Beast, Chimney Rock, Nc 1980 2/7/2016
213. Waiting Beside The Asthmatic, Hendersonville, Nc 1980 2/7/2016
214. I Am The Older Sister, And Ugly - A Lamentation In Response To A Gravestone, Gloucester, Massachusetts,1978 2/16/2016
215. Cemetery Statue Beside The Atlantic, Gloucester, Massachusetts Winter 1978 2/16/2016
216. A Statue's Virgin Lamentation Over A Grave, Gloucester, Massachusetts,1978 2/16/2016
217. Hog Beatitude #1 2/29/2016
218. Minimus Flees 5/14/2016
219. Decry The Fetish Of Normality, After Reading Sonnet Of The A*shole By Paul Verlaine & Artur Rimbaud 8/25/2016
220. Twenty-Four Ways In Which The Biscuits Could Be Eaten, A Dream Poem After Beckett 9/3/2016
221. Catholic Camp, After Robert Lowell (Circa 1978) 9/8/2016
222. Enchanted Trip To Get Lozenges 10/14/2016
223. A New Postmistress Yet Again - After Reading Charles Reznikof Before Dawn 10/18/2016
224. I, Minimus, Decry - 1/26/2017
225. Missive To James Baldwin One Week Into Trumplandia - A Dirge 1/28/2017
226. Thigh-Ku 1 2/12/2017
227. Thigh-Ku 2 2/12/2017
228. Thigh-Ku 3 (Virgins) 2/12/2017
229. From The Encampment Of Heartstrife - A Serial Poem 2/10/2017
230. Un Canto De Ensueño Para El Nacimiento De Dos Soles Al Final Del Imperio 2/22/2017
231. Respondeo Ergo Sum, Or, Magpie, My Keeper, Is Flying - Upon Freeing The Gift Of Creativity Turned Inward 2/23/2017
232. President Cock-Waddle, A Lament, A Dirge, A Facebook Conversation 3/7/2017
233. Jive 45 - Celebrity, Not Glory, Wins The Land 3/7/2017
234. 'It's Not Night When I Do See Your Face' - Traces Metaphysical 3/9/2017
235. Thirds 4/1/2017
236. The Sorrow And The Pretty, A Proem Upon 'the Fallen Chrysanthemums' - Confessions Of Nightingale, One Who Did Not Leap 5/2/2017
237. I, Minimus, Throw Pound For Pound To Pound & 'is Old Son - Paeons, Peons & Pissing 'pon The Century Xxth (Selections 6/17/2017
238. In Proximity Of Cedars, What Presents? - Circa 1978 10/7/2017
239. Detritus With Legs - A Walk In Pueblo Canyon Territory 10/20/2017
240. In The House Of Dead Skin On The Planet Purgatoria - Notes Elegiac Written During A Searing Illness 10/23/2017

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Best Poem of Warren Falcon

Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Autumnal Math

The ground assumes its portent.
The good of the season remains in what is left behind.
It takes what lays down or is laid down upon it.
You'd think it a kind of king of accountants.
You'd sink down an addition of arithmetics,
heartbeats, breaths, footings found and lost,
all the unintended landings of a life.

You'd think it wouldn't stop.

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