Warren Falcon

Gold Star - 4,888 Points (04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Warren Falcon Quotes

  • ''On behalf of all sentient beings I will plead
    the case.

    I'll write until the quill is taken from my cold hand.

    Even then I shall be dirty with righteous indigence,
    only the gods to blame - they love a good
    argument anyway. Why should I disappoint?

    Be damned and done with mirrors and pockets,
    a man can curse at the end having earned the
    right to do so -

    a wink and a
    grin rehearsed,
    then come the flies.
    Whose hands shall
    shoo them, whose
    hands un-shoe him
    and run quickly
    into day?

    I leave my poems just as they are.
    When I'm gone let the worms correct
    spelling and punctuation.

    Meanwhile beneath willow tips
    I will tease slowly the grasses to laughter
    which is the only horizon I have known.''
    from 'Even Pretty Buddhas'
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  • ''Is that flesh
    floating on the
    surface me who
    swims or sinks

    I know a strange me

    with soap for eyes
    and suds to see

    Eternally yours,

    from 'In Excelsis Deo - Variations Of A Surrealist Carol For Madrigal Choir To Be Sung While Bathing'
  • ''Among oaks the fallen do not speak.
    The dirt upon which they lay is hard.

    Hard earth.
    Cold earth.
    Need us here
    spoken for nothing.

    We scratch our mouths
    across the scar of land,
    wait in the black sun,
    pray to break apart.

    A bird with injured wing
    sits among the yellow leaves.

    It's wild hurt flays the sky.''
    from 'Singer In Green - The LoRuhamah Poem, Her Death Discordant
  • ''What is concealed beneath matters most,
    then the ongoing translation for what
    continues to measure paces, what may
    even be spoils of the living, either way
    either or each indicates there is life after all.

    Gather, shall we, by
    a pacing river, beauteous,
    shining in its endurance,
    singing of endurance
    which may arrive strangely
    ding-dong, brutal,
    utterly satisfied:

    'A mule will labor ten years
    willingly and patiently for you,
    for the privilege of kicking you
    once.' - William Faulkner''
    from 'Searching Near Mule Kick Creek For William Faulkner's Grave In Mississippi'
  • ''Here horseflies feast.

    Upon weathered stones only creases
    where once were names, dates, even
    God's Word, chiseled by a now unknown
    hand, an impression only, one among
    many, reduced to no plot but that of
    Providence left to surmise swatting at
    Eucharistic flies proving only flesh and
    only blood, a flood of questions eventually
    exhaled, and exhaling still, waiting beside
    a white rock with wings, ignoring fires,

    leaning into changes.''
    from 'Our Mutual Confession Invisibly Drawn - Pentecostal Church Ruins'
  • ''Hidden behind a star
    the ash sings without self-pity,

    Stake your claim in Beauty.

    Jab the mausoleum
    majesty of State
    in the eye.

    Here is your key, little one.
    Now run quickly home.'''
    from 'What The Orphan Knows About Light'
  • '''Z' is for Zukofsky reading him before
    news of these deaths that of the only
    ordinary me next off the descending
    escalator in the Cultural Abyss-Mall
    who've abandoned ascent I now confess
    that dream rather have gathered still
    plucking assent only from the air and
    what now long consumes a hard staring

    at light all shades
    one hand extended
    other clinched in prayer

    his Z's sure
    seizure azure
    (ex) postulation -

    'It's not night when I do see your face'****''
    Warren Falcon, from 'It's Not Night When I See Your Face - Traces Metaphysical'

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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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