Warren Falcon

Gold Star - 4,888 Points (04/23/52 - xxxx / Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA)

Warren Falcon Quotes

  • ''cabs blur yellow/gypsy
    in angular winter light
    now dazzle before Spring
    when raises dead bulbs to
    jonquils potted pretty in
    windows, on stoops and,
    wild, strayed in parks

    do not, O, pass us by or over
    for all our patient harping

    come morrows under willows yet
    we shall hang up our loves again

    get back to work
    honest scrub and clean

    beside the avenue
    stand recalling willows
    never seen

    and grieve still an old
    yet present eviction in
    the cities of men''
    from 'A Shabbos Poem Beginning With A Line From Zukofsky - Upon Finding A Book Of His Poems On A Street Corner Manhattan Lower East'
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  • ''see what a thing it is
    now already become
    since childhood and
    the backyard forest
    sparkling, every surface
    of everything covered
    with ice clear, a sheer
    skin which seems/seams to
    move as I am moved/returned
    in response to impertinent
    snow to let more new world
    come flashing in, and the
    one-more-bird, a startle,
    a cardinal red against all
    the white, white, there were
    many, coveys of them inordinate
    in all the snow blind, too
    much for a boy to bear, broken
    eye-nerves, brittle sticks,
    he kicks on his back crying
    to make an angel his own to
    be relieved of the too ordered
    world, would be the unwanted,
    unexpected child of things
    shattered, his need for
    constancy and same, beauty
    a necessary addiction dependent
    upon diction's canary eye and ear,
    just to introduce another color
    between mouse and meaning,
    a chorus stunned into sound.''
    from 'Instead Of You Today One Black Mouse'
  • ''upon my chaste
    return sunburned
    churned by the
    Atlantic I will have
    discovered a haunting
    sound again

    an animal
    music of the air

    the lungs

    screams really

    gulls falling
    by arrows of
    blue which


    sky and
    sea to
    learn the
    heart again

    to learn the heart again

    avoid the narrows
    at the island's end
    where feet are easily
    mistaken for doves

    there large currents
    beckon/compel them
    to descend''
    from 'Avoid The Narrows'
  • ''Only the overly large head, the ugly face
    whiskered within gilded monstrance,
    remain pure to form, thin-lipped and
    mocking, restrained by depth pressures,
    sustained on surface trash, dead things
    that sink down it's treasures.''
    from 'Bare To Such Luscence - A Catfish Mass'
  • ''I suppose it is the late, or soon to be, poet's lot to jot one
    for daffodils. At least one. This is mine, a last will to verse.''
    from 'Because They Rhyme They Live, Not I'
  • ''An olden voice pulls at bruised skin.
    I grow thin. And gasp. I grow thin as winter air.
    I'll not see them rise again from bulbs perennially.
    Not me, annulled in this season of the lung''
    from 'Because The Rhyme They Live, Not I'
  • ''a view of distant
    bridges busy with light,

    the spanned river,
    dark, spins toward
    the deeper East;
    a Star there was
    once a great matter,
    one of the better
    nights of the world
    it is believed.

    It is closing hour.

    …I have broken my back lifting
    all these my loves up to heaven.''
    from 'Dante In The Laundromat - Journeys Further Into Hell With Two Lines From The Book'
  • '''You are cut off, ' was all I managed to get out when Black Mouse leapt out from behind

    Ganesha's head and blew lavender dust all over the dead.''
    from 'Cuts Loose Awash In Blue - Photo Of The Shrine Before The End'
  • ''Not poetry here,
    Old Master;
    just reporting,

    how it all breaks open
    blindly between doldrums,
    dark hammock refusing
    to be swayed on a bad day.''
    from 'Beyond Blossoms, For James Wright'
  • ''...the god of gators waits,

    submerged, calling to me to

    step less lightly upon the world.''
    from 'Brief Prayer After Viewing Grunewald's Isenheim Christ'

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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Ars Poetica Redux

Dying trees easily fall..
Poems, too, as they should.
Dead wood rots from which
One good poem may grow,
The better to hear in the higher
Branches, the creaking lower limbs.

Sequestering lovers late afternoon
Whisper. One is carving the bark,

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