Warren Falcon

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Warren Falcon Quotes

  • ''Discovery of the always
    heavy Zero, the only
    Absolute of merit

    births multiplicity
    arms grown beyond counting
    the better to carry
    unforgiving densities

    Gift of Arabia,
    the non-alloyed Zero
    unmeasured by mass

    better names for god:

    thermal history

    twisting vector

    prima materia

    ghostly mirage''
    from 'Extensions Of Crash - Strophes For Frieda Kahlo'
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  • ''For all the words dished up,
    A plate without meat. Maybe bone.
    No love fattened you,
    never used your flesh.''
    from 'For All The Words Dished Up - Two For Emily Dickinson'
  • ''Does not it all bear
    the familiar arc, say,
    of just-dawn color,
    mauve-play at the liminal
    curve where sky beseeches
    bounded space to give
    its shapeless-nest a Cause''
    from 'Love, When You, Biting. Tear The Ear Of My Hearing Bear Me Then
  • ''I dance with you

    forever, Little Pig.

    I polish your shoes of

    metal - tiny espejos - mirrors -

    for toes,

    vincapervinca - periwinkles - on

    the heals to tap.''
    from 'O See My Little Red Shoes, Bright Bright, O Clap Your Hands For Me - What I Once Became And Now Still Am'
  • ''They would argue over tides
    Who bade me come into the world.
    One said, Six o'clock.
    The other, No, twelve.
    I was born at the thirteenth hour
    All the while mother arguing,
    This is not the time but a little spell,
    While father argued it was death,
    You are dying and your child, too,
    Is dying. You have been poisoned.

    It was full moon and high tide,
    The hour of birth.
    All arguments yielded to the tide's.''
    from 'How It Was I Came To Be What I Am'
  • ''If you wore nylons I could kiss you. I'm confused.
    Infused vagrant blood refuses no stops. Lust cops
    wait in dark glasses near darker doors to bust...

    ...I've managed before.
    Two black coffees
    and the shakes, bad.

    Were we talking about rabbit punches
    last night, the blank, blond faces
    of Stockholm? Which drinks were free?''
    from 'Haiku D'Estat - Staten Island Ferry Wake,1984'
  • ''We take our ragged bones out of rented rooms for long walks.
    You point out between bricks the rainbows in windows, the dirt
    now become your dirt, your genius for transformations.
    I ram my own by now trite and hackneyed points
    home over and over, but it works on days like these.''
    from 'Hard Days On In At The Rehab For Drunken Poets, An Opera Of Sorts, Circa 1981'
  • ''Not bad company

    but no quarter to pay
    for Virgil's rude company
    here, now, grizzled,
    uncensored keeper of
    the Seven Stories of Suds.

    The lousy dryer tears
    my shirts, cycles for
    only seven minutes as
    is the seven rungs a
    quarter, just one quarter
    more, one thinks, prays,
    hopes, seeking upon the
    dirty tiles beneath metal
    folding chairs for 'just
    one more' to stay warm
    enough before venturing
    further, slog through
    Level Two with damp
    laundry, a sleety night
    in cold Manhattan''
    from 'Dante In The Laundromat - Journeys Further Into Hell With Two Lines From The Book'
  • ''You, dear, will read
    of my heterosexual shadow

    a great lover who serenades
    her in the terrible contradiction

    of the moon caught
    in bare tree limbs/strophes

    just outside Her window
    the fool below in rouge

    head hung, singing

    O hurt

    heart's tin can tied
    to belt loop behind
    of his ragged pants


    to be filled with
    whatever flows

    in the dirty lane
    he leans his
    love against''
    from ''And The Daylight Separated The Mad Boy From His Shadow' - Cancion For Garcia Lorca'
  • '''Nothing to lose, this rag of selves.
    With what glory remains of hungry pockets
    I skip forward singing, La La La, a willful
    don, a lord of nothing-much, poems a'pocket...''''
    from 'Even Pretty Buddhas - Rumors Exist Of Han Shan's Unfettered Inscriptions Of Wind'

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Autumn Haiku

Even from my front porch
the rusted sewing machine
yearns for golden thread.

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Delusion Of One

Born: Year of the Dragon.
Horoscope: 'Today's the lucky day.'

Luck, you say? O.K. Once. In a small town
on a snowy road, the scenery spinning round.
When it stopped you were pointing toward a good
place - Home. The message: Go back.
You can decide again to begin again
or stay warm there: Wombtown, population: 1.

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