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The Lost Son & A Cowboy Surprise That Makes Bread

About a year into my Jungian analysis, I was finally working on my 'Saturn Return.' This is an astronomical/astrological event in which Saturn, the planet and the archetype, returns to where it was in the sky at the time of one's birth, bringing depression and disorientation in order, it is believed, to orient one toward mature adulthood. During this return I anguished over my internalized Saturnine father for whom I am named. A would be writer, I writhed, writing little. When friends back home asked me how my writing was going, I quipped, 'Just great. Prolific. I now write checks and suicide notes'.

Though a puer (the archetype of the 'eternal youth, ' the 'flying boy' who never lands) my father doled out massive portions of Saturnine woes, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not. The devastating effects remain the same. I have noted in my years as a counselor that the 'devastation' from puer fathers has definitely Saturnine effects, the crush and grind resulting upon their children leaves them depressed, in the dark, dissociated not in a puer's flight but in a necessary leap upward and away in order to survive the quicksand of incarnate existence. In my late 20s the throes of anger and hurt coagulated, a veritable 'tar baby' I was unable to get free of. I struggled to escape the inner affliction of tyrannical contradictions that my father was and that I had, to my horror and despair, become. Or was well on my way to becoming.

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