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Howard Nemerov's 'Boom! '

Having grown up in the Fundamentalist Christian culture of the American South, having gone to an Evangelical college on top of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee ('Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain! ' MLK's called out, the very place of my Christian education) , having peeled layers away and administered psychological high colonics to rid myself of such an education in the 'Christ-haunted landscape of the South, ' I remember the day I discovered Howard Nemerov's poem, BOOM! , just at the right time...before the evangelicals got organized and off the ground/launched as a political 'party of God, ' Nemerov saw it all growing like a vapid cancer in the Eisenhower years and wrote like an Old Testament prophet, albeit with a New Yorker martini in hand, of what he heard and saw as the growing trivialization/consumerization of American religion in an increasingly trivialized and trivializing democratic/corporation-consumer-ocracy...here is the poem! Read this with Occupy Wall Street in mind...and current wannabee presidential clowns parading plumed out in deity and Christo-sprach...ACK!


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