wendell lack jr.

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  • ''Timeout sux and passion rules
    don't be like these other fools
    pushed and used like worn out tools''
    cristy was caught by her 20 yr old daughter with a hicky lol said she was grounded so i am in timeout fun fun
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  • ''behind every great man
    is a great woman kicking his ass in the right direction.
    for without her there couldn't have been true love and without that there wasn't an open heart for the greatness to spring to life
    for loneliness is like a knife it might get dull over time
    but still it prevents the one to shine''
    just thoughts while around my muse
  • ''Cute only gets you so far''
    story of my life

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Breaking Down

As I wake in morning trying to make it good 
See my shadow
A sad silloet of sorrow 
Do you have a day with her I can borrow
Cuz now my heart n soul feels so hollow
Just riding down this road 
Was once warm but now is cold 
Just one more time to hear your voice
That's all it would take but that's yours not my choice to make 

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