Wes Thompson

Rookie (Columbus, Ohio)

Wes Thompson Poems

1. I'Ll Be Staying Down This Time 8/17/2007
2. We'Re Floating Endlessly 8/24/2007
3. Slow Motion Moves Me 8/24/2007
4. All The Flowers That I Planted Died On The Little Concave In The Back Yard Which Holds Your Bones, But I Still Love You 8/24/2007
5. Why Should You Want Any Other? 9/3/2007
6. In Regards To Red Stationary, And It's Lack Of Use In The Field Of Rebuilding Fortresses 9/6/2007
7. Separate Snakes 9/17/2007
8. Swan Song Singing, Fond Of Fainting 10/11/2007
9. It Only Ends 10/22/2007
10. Tell Tales 11/4/2007
11. You Remind Me Of.. 11/7/2007
12. Homunculus Dreams 11/15/2007
13. Forever To Me 11/26/2007
14. I Can Dream 11/27/2007
15. On 11/27/2007
16. Pitch White 12/2/2007
17. I'M Leaving But I Don'T Know How To Sing 12/17/2007
18. Whistle Solo 1/2/2008
19. Yourself 1/2/2008
20. Soft 1/10/2008
21. Wait Out The Weather 1/22/2008
22. Grave Robbers 1/23/2008
23. Langston Hughes Must Have Misheard 1/24/2008
24. Until Then I'Ll Be 1/28/2008
25. I'Ve Been Around Before, But This Time I Don'T Know What It's For 1/29/2008
26. Owl Creek 1/30/2008
27. Crutches Keep Me From Kneeling 1/30/2008
28. It Doesn'T Work With Rain 2/2/2008
29. Barricade At Dawn 2/14/2008
30. Original 1932 Replica 2/14/2008
31. Exceptional Fool 2/18/2008
32. Trinket Heart 2/20/2008
33. A Bell Was Hung 2/20/2008
34. How Am I Supposed To Hold It? 2/28/2008
35. Fourteen 2/28/2008
36. Shrug Off That Helpless Splintered Smile 3/1/2008
37. If You Can Keep It Alive 3/6/2008
38. Up Against And For 3/9/2008
39. Invitation To Get The Hell Out 3/19/2008
40. Eight Ball, Corner Pocket. 3/22/2008
Best Poem of Wes Thompson

Shores Of Forgiveness

her cold fingers
may shuffle a single grain of sand
for a thousand years
yet I must stop my heart beat
for only a moment
to see such brilliant slight of hand
through a dusty hour glass
she may blink my bones to dust
but before my blood
stands still
I know that she would not believe
how long a moment
without time
can last

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Last Hour Before Dawn

If life was lived
Would hearts tear tattered sleeve?
If life was loved
Would I kill to be free?
We may walk in our sleep
Wide awake while we dream
In chains we may fly
Unpleased we all die
The ghosts that we keep

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