Wes Thompson

Rookie (Columbus, Ohio)

Wes Thompson Poems

41. Owl Creek 1/30/2008
42. Crutches Keep Me From Kneeling 1/30/2008
43. It Doesn'T Work With Rain 2/2/2008
44. Barricade At Dawn 2/14/2008
45. Original 1932 Replica 2/14/2008
46. How Am I Supposed To Hold It? 2/28/2008
47. Fourteen 2/28/2008
48. Shrug Off That Helpless Splintered Smile 3/1/2008
49. If You Can Keep It Alive 3/6/2008
50. Up Against And For 3/9/2008
51. Invitation To Get The Hell Out 3/19/2008
52. Second Chance At Goodbye 3/28/2008
53. Creased Paper That Reminds Me Of Who I Could Be 3/29/2008
54. Empty Church Parking Lots With Tow Away Signs 4/1/2008
55. Shuffling Your Deck Of Trick Cards 4/4/2008
56. Substitute Wing 4/9/2008
57. Between Moth Wings And Sore Eyes Lit By The Moon 4/28/2008
58. If I Could, He Would; The Better Man Would Say In Better Words 5/1/2008
59. They Never Know Unless I Write 5/4/2008
60. You Forgot The Words, But I Still Hum The Tune 5/12/2008
61. Now And Again You'Ll Remember To Breath 6/10/2008
62. Half Hoping To Slumber Only With The Sea 6/13/2008
63. The Last Few Lines On The First Page Were All That Mattered 6/13/2008
64. Orange Peels Like Rose Petals 6/14/2008
65. Tornado Watching 6/26/2008
66. Northern Lights 7/2/2008
67. Silence Gives Consent 7/6/2008
68. It's Not Worth It To You 3/31/2007
69. Tastes Like Blood 7/28/2008
70. Grey Plastic 8/5/2008
71. Last Laugh 8/18/2008
72. Not Sorry 8/25/2008
73. Just Passing Through 9/8/2008
74. S 9/22/2008
75. Belgium 10/23/2008
76. Artificial Stone 10/28/2008
77. Pleasing Undertone 11/8/2008
78. Ageless Riddles 11/9/2008
79. Settle Down Without 11/29/2008
80. Quantum Mechanics Presented On A Wrinkled Sleepingbag From The Trunk Of My Car 4/10/2007

Comments about Wes Thompson

  • Callie Carroll Callie Carroll (7/4/2008 12:25:00 AM)

    I am never disappointed when I read Wes Thompson. He gives fresh meaning to words I thought were cliche; he shows me poetic technique clothed in genuis. He wakes me up.

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  • Matt Johnston (4/17/2008 10:45:00 PM)

    Reading his stuff you can tell his mind works great for poetry.

Best Poem of Wes Thompson

A Hero Is One Who Falls Asleep With His Shoes On

When dusk dissolves the last shreds of light,
Do heroes lay awake at night?
Or do they dream, brilliant days to come-
With a winning smile, good deeds all done?
Perhaps defeat creeps with them to bed,
As a rusty nail in the back of their head.
Maybe all they wish at night,
Is for dawn to kill their dreamless fright.
Mayhap they do not wish at all,
As full moons unwind and fate befalls.
For surely all taste Fate's stale breath-
No might of man may outlast Death.
All men, no doubt, serve God's demand,
And are wrung like wet socks into Life's thirsty ...

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It's Not Worth It To You

A rare encounter with hollow footing
Or a contour life not worth refuting?
Will you come fully loaded-
Last wishes near breast?
Or come empty handed?
Fate shall not contest.
Will Death scrape up your knees,
Leave you all but alive?
Or will you scream in his face,
That you're ready to take the dive?

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