Wesongah David

Rookie (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

Wesongah David Poems

41. Monday Morning In My House 12/6/2007
42. One For Sure (The Oath) 12/6/2007
43. Little Kissings 12/14/2007
44. For All The Love None The Matter 5/8/2008
45. Of Pitiful Love 2/25/2008
46. Love Monologues 2/25/2008
47. Flesh For Flesh, Blood For Blood! 11/4/2008
48. I Shall Return. 11/5/2007
49. I Crave 2/25/2008
50. I Stand Tall-Yet Again 11/18/2007
Best Poem of Wesongah David

I Stand Tall-Yet Again

From the gloom that you dumped me,
The unfathomable abyss I was thrust into,
I exonerate myself of ambiance, heavenly disguise.
Disgusted you were with my pride,
And you let the onus fall much heavier,
But I still stand tall.

Are you surprised to see me?
You thought the swagger was gone?
You forgot of the coming of seasons,
Like summer, in winter it looks far off,
But like the high tides, it comes to pass,
And so shall I stand tall again.

You expected me begging for a pittance,
Sunken eyes laboring for pity,
Ribs through my tattered ...

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The People I Trust

They are not the most adorable,
And are a bunch,
Either of liars or a poor delegation of sectarians.

They are an army of pests,
Out to thrive on my blood-
First to go under though when in liquidation,
But trust them nevertheless.

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