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Name is 'anonymous'! !

Was born in England started to breath oxygen in 1999, always wanted to be a poetry but i never had a chance.. At last i found my golden chance to write poems at the age of 8, i used to write poem's about my family and friend i continued till the age of 13, i decided to publish my poems but my parents agreed that i have to be ready for it so i though that i will publish on this website so here i am....

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Close Ur Eyes

Close ur eyes
And be wise
Don't ask way
Just Open ur mind
And see what u find

Forget the past
Coz today is a new day
Make the most of it coz it coz be the last
Be kind to each other
Inclusing ur mother
It cud be the last of ur life
So find the meaning of ur life
And close ur eyes

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