White Tiger

Gold Star - 8,227 Points (May 17th / Between Heaven and Earth)

White Tiger Poems

1. Dream 6/5/2015
2. Motionless Wonder 11/23/2015
3. A White Rose 11/23/2015
4. Love Is... 11/24/2015
5. The Cascade 11/24/2015
6. Loving You 11/30/2015
7. A Leaf In Autumn 11/30/2015
8. The Rainforest 12/1/2015
9. Shapes And Forms 12/7/2015
10. Hungry For Your Love 12/7/2015
11. If I Were A Suitcase 12/14/2015
12. Remember When... 12/18/2015
13. Rollercoaster Of Pain 11/23/2015
14. The Sweet Sound Of Silence 12/19/2015
15. The Three Faces Of A Clown 12/20/2015
16. A Butterfly's Life 3/22/2016
17. A Black Rose 3/22/2016
18. It Was An Earthquake In The Makin' 4/19/2016
19. Walking Passed The Mirror 4/19/2016
20. Happy Little Paintings 4/29/2016
21. My Eyes Felt The Wind 4/29/2016
22. The Trail 6/25/2016
23. Sunrise, Sunset 7/4/2016
24. Bed Sheets In White 7/4/2016
25. Highway Patrolman 8/2/2016
26. The Lighthouse 8/3/2016
27. Sitting By Her Grave 8/3/2016
28. Like No Other 8/3/2016
29. It's More Than A Feeling 8/3/2016
30. The Mantis And The Monkey 8/3/2016
31. Castaway 8/3/2016
32. Peoples Princess 10/27/2016
33. Venus 10/27/2016
34. Spirits Of The Condemned 10/29/2016
35. No Smoking 11/1/2016
36. Life Is Beautiful 11/1/2016
37. The Girl With The Dark Brown Hair 11/1/2016
38. Magic Mirror 11/5/2016
39. Speak Up 11/5/2016
40. I'll Be There For You 11/5/2016

Comments about White Tiger

  • Sister Frances Sister Frances (11/6/2017 1:43:00 AM)

    They say a White Tiger
    Is very special and rare
    After reading your poems
    I need not compare
    Such rhyming and flow
    A pleasure to read
    A definite White Tiger
    I have to agree🌹

    4 person liked.
    1 person did not like.
  • T H T H (6/9/2011 11:18:00 PM)

    Couldn't agree more with La La La Laurie...I will greatly miss White Tiger's poems. I hope he returns sometime.

Best Poem of White Tiger

When A Man Loves A Woman

When a man loves a woman
His heart opens wide
His love is neverending
Holding her by his side

When a man loves a woman
His eyes follow her touch
Casting a spell upon him
To love her as much

When a man loves a woman
All his dreams come true
She turns his cloudy skies
From gray to heavenly blue

When a man loves a woman
Wishes come from the heart
That both become as one
And never grow apart

When a man loves a woman
You both feel free
For this is the way I love you
And cherish my love for thee.

C. ...

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Late at night, when I fall asleep
All is dark, all is deep
It may or may not seem to be
A dream within a dream you see
Within my mind, near the end
Repeats the journey, again and again
My spirit rises and floats around
To fill my shadow with life and sound
I open my eyes and look around

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