White Tiger

Gold Star - 8,227 Points (May 17th / Between Heaven and Earth)

White Tiger Poems

241. Fire In A Bottle 2/6/2018
242. Why Are We Here? 1/31/2018
243. There's Still Sunshine Above The Clouds 12/5/2016
244. Sitting Under That Willow Tree 1/27/2016
245. Rising Mountains 2/9/2016
246. White Rose 12/17/2018
247. Weeping Willows 10/20/2018
248. Washed Away On Seashell Bay 5/7/2018
249. It's Time To Make The Coffey 12/11/2018
250. You And I 5/24/2018
251. Secrets 5/20/2018
252. Mountain On Fire 5/6/2018
253. The Jungle 2/23/2018
254. My Future Is Sealed 3/30/2018
255. Crystal Flowers Dipped In Gold 3/15/2018
256. Angel Eyes 3/10/2018
257. Alone By The Sea 2/21/2018
258. Rainbow Peacock 2/27/2018
259. Go On Without Me 2/12/2018
260. Only Once 2/9/2018
261. You Are A Vision Of Spring 2/7/2018
262. My Favorite Poem 2/9/2018
263. White Cranes 2/23/2018
264. The Empty Man 3/30/2018
265. You're Not Alone 3/31/2018
266. The Golden Black Hotel 8/1/2018
267. Sharks In Blue Water 6/13/2018
268. My Princess 8/1/2018
269. The Snake And The Rabbit 12/11/2018
270. Moving Out 11/5/2017
271. Like Two Ships In The Night 11/6/2017
272. You're My All 11/20/2017
273. The Crane And The Snake 11/26/2016
274. Echoes Of Your Voice 3/16/2018
275. Your Beauty 2/22/2018
276. Riding Trains Alone 5/11/2018
277. Rose 6/5/2015
278. I'm Lost In My Dream 2/19/2018
279. Rainbow Butterflies 12/8/2016
280. When A Man Loves A Woman 2/9/2018

Comments about White Tiger

  • Sister Frances Sister Frances (11/6/2017 1:43:00 AM)

    They say a White Tiger
    Is very special and rare
    After reading your poems
    I need not compare
    Such rhyming and flow
    A pleasure to read
    A definite White Tiger
    I have to agree🌹

    4 person liked.
    1 person did not like.
  • T H T H (6/9/2011 11:18:00 PM)

    Couldn't agree more with La La La Laurie...I will greatly miss White Tiger's poems. I hope he returns sometime.

Best Poem of White Tiger

When A Man Loves A Woman

When a man loves a woman
His heart opens wide
His love is neverending
Holding her by his side

When a man loves a woman
His eyes follow her touch
Casting a spell upon him
To love her as much

When a man loves a woman
All his dreams come true
She turns his cloudy skies
From gray to heavenly blue

When a man loves a woman
Wishes come from the heart
That both become as one
And never grow apart

When a man loves a woman
You both feel free
For this is the way I love you
And cherish my love for thee.

C. ...

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Fantasy Land

I arrived in my dream
On a ship, runned by steam
I don't remember, where I came from
Just know the trip was too long

I came ashore, through a tiny door
From this massive wooden ship
There were trees swaying in the breeze
And not too far, a landing strip

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