Whitney Jones Olson

Rookie (August 14,1982 / Indiana)

Biography of Whitney Jones Olson

23, married, four step-children who live with their mother, moving to NYC in August, just finished Grad school, not an academic no gods no, anarchist (local government believer) , agnostic, respectful of all the peaceful, deeply saddened by the others. Writing since fifth grade, work as an editor, reading the classics as a way to get through the summer.

i would make this artful, but it just doesn't matter right now.

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It Is, Abstractions

Your Name here:
Error code 2, please contact your program manufacturer
at Your Phone #, here:
That, sexless progeny (who disgorged me)
is not your name, here: It Is.

In another language this would never translate
so if You read this as a liberated Communist
eating a Royale with cheese

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