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On Ginsberg's America,6th Part

Shelter me free in my aberrations, America.
Let me consume in the fleshes of your brilliant tortured boys;
Let me revel in the pirouettes of your naïve moonlit girls;
Indulge me these, America.
In churches, synagogues, mosques, temples,
Nameless eclipsed fields,
Holy refuges of the upstanding,
On my laurels, tense, above,
Those graves of stoics we…have loved.
In buses, haylofts, boxcars, truck beds,
Novel roadside diversions,
Holy refuges of the pariah,
On my knees sobbing, ecstatic, with,
The images of memories we…have known.
Preserve me ...

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Just an arch in the spine of a widow –
Just the hem of a skirt in the distance –
Just the stain of disappointment in his headlights –
Just the shape of your sigh in the mirror –
Then the dust on a missive in the windowsill –
And the slick of the fog on the grass.